The future of content monetization is “over-the-top” distribution with fans receiving content directly from influencers.


Monetize Your Content

The platform allows you to sell your most valuable content à la carte or via yearly or monthly VIP subscriptions. You set the price for fans to upgrade to VIP status, and users pay via in-app purchases, so they don’t have to take their credit card out to join.

Premium Experience

Most of your content will be free to enjoy, but with TopFan’s direct to fan content (OTT) distribution technologies, you can now offer fans a premium paid experience for early access to videos, music, pictures, articles, chats, contests, and ticket pre-sales.

Direct Publishing

You can publish premium content into your fan community anytime or anywhere using your CMS or own app. You can instantly launch exclusive live chats, post pictures, record and publish exclusive video and audio that is special for your best fans.


Let us show you how to start building your fan community the right way.